For any kind of PV installation; domestic, community, commercial or industrial, the benefits are both financial and environmental. Financially you are receiving an income for simply generating electricity, regardless of usage. 

You’ll experience lower utility bills and be protected against future rises in energy costs. Environmentally you can significantly lower your carbon footprint whilst reducing your reliance on “dirty” fossil fuels.

Lower your bills

Government figures show that the average electricity bill for a house in the South West was £600 per year in 2013. Depending on your pattern of electrical usage and the characteristics of system you could cut this by half, simply by using the free electricity produced by your PV system.

Guard against energy price hikes

Numerous studies can be found suggesting rises in the price of energy ranging from 10% annually to 37% over the next three years. By having a guaranteed (as long as the sun shines) supply of electricity you are less susceptible to the variations in cost.

Save Money

You’ll receive a tax free, index linked payment for every unit of electricity that your system produces, regardless of whether or not you use it. If you use the energy within your home you’ll save yourself having to buy it from your chosen supplier. If you don’t use it you’ll get an extra payment for selling it back onto the national grid.

Be Green

In the UK a domestic sized PV system can save almost two tons of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere annually. By using the latest “grid carbon intensity” value of 453g CO2/kWh and a generation SAP figure of 4095kWh, taken from one of our recent 3.75kWp installs, we can calculate that 1855kg are saved. Thats’ the same as driving 4,500 miles in your car!

About Solar PV

Solar Energy Systems – Overview

The Solar energy market can appear to be a very confusing place and on first glance extremely complicated but in truth for the user it isn’t really that complex. It’s ultimately all about the benefits it can deliver to both the energy consumer and the environment and as fully qualified Solar PV Installers Devon we are very qualified to help you make the correct choice.

In essence a Solar energy system is about harnessing the sun’s immense natural power source to convert sunlight to electricity using silicon cells with the objective of not only saving money but of course the environment. Gifford Energy provide a Solar PV Home Energiser Solution using Solar photovoltaic panels to generate your own electricity and connect into the grid because we believe it is the best long term offering and enables users to gain both maximum energy and cost benefits.

Is Solar PV still a good investment?

The answer is yes. Why? With the recent and much publicized change to the Feed in Tariff (FiT), many customers have got the impression that solar panels are no longer worth investing in. However what has not been publicised is the major price reduction for the panels, currently 60% and still falling slowly, which means the pay-back period on your investment has remained similar to last year.

What would it cost?

A typical 4 kWp system can now be fitted for less than £6500, with prices still falling. Installation costs will vary from site to site, so for a no obligation, free quotation call us and we will see what we can do for you. All systems being designed to maximise your roof space by using the right size panels (panel sizes do vary and not every roof will be best utilised with the same units). And all systems using the latest, most efficient inverters to ensure what you generate is converted to useable electricity with minimum wastage.

We can also offer a range of other products to control, for example, immersion heaters or underfloor heating to further enhance your benefits from the system, as well as advise on energy reduction measures such as conversion of lighting to super efficient LED.

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